how to cancel commit to buy on ebay

For example if you buy an item on eBay.com for $100 but then find it on an Approved Competitors website for $90, you will get a coupon for $11. This is the difference in price ($100 - $90 = $10), plus 10% of the difference ($10 x 10% = $1). ... More

how to build a conservatory out of wood

If you’re not sure how long it will take to build a conservatory or how they are measured up, all of the answers are here. We explain the whole process from start to finish to give you peace of mind your conservatory is on the right tracks. ... More

how to clean your milk frother

13/12/2010 · This is the process you use to clean your auto milk frother when it stops working. This only applies to coffee machines that still generate lots of steam from the auto frother but the frother wont ... More

how to connect roland td 11 to computer

2) USB printer cable to connect the Square USB on the Roland Piano (most people extras of these sitting around from old printers and such) Wired AUDIO Connection – Any Roland model that has an Audio Input jack (typically located on the back or near the headphone jack on the lower left front corner). ... More

how to cut out bread

Next, cut off the top of the bread with a serrated knife and remove the bread from the interior of the loaf. Serve the removed bread pieces alongside the filled bowl, or use them to make croutons or breadcrumbs. Finally, fill the bowl with a thick soup, stew, or dip, and use the cut bread … ... More

how to change bank account details in edupay

Write a mail to 5 Paisa Team at support@5paisa.com that you want to change your bank account. Attach a scan copy/soft copy of your bank cheque or bank statement. Within 24 hours your new bank account will be added by 5Paisa team. ... More

how to change watch strap buckle

Crown & Buckle Keyring Spring Bar Tool . If you change watch straps while traveling, it pays to check out this option from Crown & Buckle, designed in collaboration with Worn & Wound. ... More

how to add humour to your speech

8/11/2007 · Good luck with the speech (if you haven't already done it), just imagine one of your fat teachers in the flesh, works a treat! *What up pryme Click to expand... ... More

how to create closing barrister speech

However, if you are asked to make a closing speech there are some unique elements to consider. Typically, closing speeches are designed to do two things: summarize and motivate. How to Write a Closing Speech. Understand Speech Structure Every speech needs to have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Most professional speakers write the body (main points) first and then write an ... More

how to download f18 dcs

I assume that's referring to an F18 grip add-on (or possibly new throttle unit) for the Warthog base perhaps.....and given that Eagle Dynamics is involved in the F18 software and therefore long delays, early access rip-off, bugs and no intention to ever complete that module I'm much more interested in the hardware upgrade. ... More

how to call a phone number from internet samsung s7

Manuals and User Guides for Samsung Galaxy S7. We have 20 Samsung Galaxy S7 manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Important Information Manual, Repair Manual, Quick Start Manual Samsung Galaxy S7 User Manual (327 pages) ... More

how to change your nat type on ps3

Essentially (to my knowledge) it will determine how your device can talk with your modem, and things outside of your 'safezone' (secure LAN). Anyone who has an xbox or a playstation knows the pain of a moderate NAT. ... More

how to avoid getting gray hair

(iii) Protein about how to prevent gray hair: Your hair is made of complex proteins that provide strength, growth and lively color to your hair. Your diet should include a couple of 3 to 4 oz. servings of protein every day. A lesser intake of protein can cause premature gray hair. Lean meats, nuts and beans, lentils and soy are good source of proteins. ... More

minecraft how to build a dome

This site creates a block dimension guide for each layer of your sphere/dome. Watch the entire how-to video for using the online tool, and an example how to follow the guides and build in Minecraft. Watch the entire how-to video for using the online tool, and an example how to follow the guides and build in Minecraft. ... More

how to build a typewriter

Make sure your timeline indicator is at the beginning of the composition. Then apply the Typewriter animation preset to your text layer. You can do this by dragging and dropping the effect from the Effects & Presets panel onto your text layer. If you now scrub through your composition, you should see the text animate as if written out by a typewriter. ... More

how to create a sticker pack

WhatsApp stickers have been an instant success since their rollout for Android and iOS devices and while there are a limited number of WhatsApp Stickers packs, you can create your own stickers pack for … ... More

how to become an authorised apple dealer

5/03/2011 Well since you'll be in the grey market I doubt Apple would give you their official blessing to become an Authorised reseller. 40-50 students? I hope you have some way of vetting them there are always a couple bad apples in a bunch who just might try and pull a fast one on you. ... More

how to delete hard drive from bios

A BIOS administrator can go to the f10 BIOS setup to remove and re-add the BIOS user, effectively supplying the user with a new password. BIOS administrator A BIOS administrator who forgets the administrator password and has set up HP SpareKey can use the HP SpareKey to boot the system. If the BIOS administrator has not set up HP SpareKey, HP Services can reset the system to factory … ... More

how to build a shoe rack bench

The Best Shoe Rack Bench Plans Free Download. Shoe Rack Bench Plans. Basically, anyone who is interested in building with wood can learn it successfully with the help of free woodworking plans which are found on the net. ... More

matter overdrive how to become an android

3/08/2015 · Wait, how can X>0 become X<0 if you feed it with Y>0? I't basically has to do with how the computer stores integer values. If the value becomes bigger than the maximum, there is a bit overflow that moves a bit into the sign bit position and makes the number, negative. ... More

how to change news feed

It is also what will appear in the news feed whenever you make an update to your profile or page. A cover photo is a larger image that will appear above your profile picture. Facebook suggests that this image should be unique and representative of your brand. For a ... More

how to delete weather locations on iphone

Get Weather in Notification Center By default the weather is supposed to show up in the notification center of your iPhone or iPad, but there can be many reasons as to why it is not showing up in your notification center. ... More

how to change metric units in powerpoint

Fortunately you can change the settings for Measure by adjusting something on the devices settings menu. Our tutorial below will show you where to locate this option and change it so that you can display your measurements in either the Imperial or Metric unit of measurement. ... More

how to draw respiratory system easily

Human Respiratory System Well Labeled Diagram How To Draw Human Respiratory System In Easy Steps 10Th Biology SHARE ON Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest Tags: explain the human respiratory system with a well labeled diagram , well labeled diagram of human respiratory system ... More

how to create performance measures in a contract

Performance measurement is a precursor to effective and informed management. Performance measurement is crucial to agencies with policy, delivery, monitoring and/or sector oversight roles. ... More

how to cook salmon in oven australia

salmon bros. data & electrical is a component retailers business located in surry hills,... ... More

how to cook steak rare on grill

When the steaks are removed from the grill, immediately top with 1 tablespoon of the butter mixture and allow the steaks to rest 10 minutes before cutting into them. The temperature of the steak will continue to rise as it rests by about 5 degrees. ... More

how to ask something politely

11/08/2014 Please if you ask a question follow up on the forum with what finally worked. The more detail the better. The more detail the better. Since so many of my questions are answered the way they are Ill add in a big thank-you to Paul and all of the other technical people who take the time to answer questions on forums and those who take the time to ask them. ... More

how to change gps settings android

How to Fix Android GPS Issues. Change or toggle settings, get help from apps, or an external receiver. Advice for custom ROM users. Never get lost again. ... More

how to hide or change ip address

If your IP address reverts back to your original IP on an IP-location site, you need to reconnect your privoxy network. Warnings If your IP does not change when you download the program, you may need to change your security settings in order to get the program to work. ... More

how to become a certified floodplain manager

ASFPM Certified Floodplain Manager Program Information. Floods.org History of the Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM®) Program (March 2016) DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY Professional certification is a peer review process administered through the Association of State Floodplain Managers. ... More

how to ask your nan to shave

Considering what you're doing to his penis and balls I don't see why you're hesitant to ask him to shave. You guys are exchanging fluids you can't exchange words. … ... More

how to add another screen lg v10

The second screen is one of the headline features of the LG V10, and you can do various things with it. Go to Settings > Second screen , toggle Show when main screen on and then tap on it to ... More

how to cook honey soy drumettes

23/02/2015 The aromas of soy plus sweet soy, along with the honey and intermingled with garlic is slightly intoxicating and one of our favourite ways to prepare and eat ... More

how to change your location on snapchat samsung

11/05/2013 · So I dumped the ram of my snapchat PID, using this method. I had to download a compiled gdb binary . I then used photoRec to scan all the *.dump files [I concatenated them all first, the file was about 100MB]. ... More

how to catch abra pokemon yellow

So here's the first Psychic we can catch aaaaaaaand it's bad. But with stats like those how could it be? Well, it has the worst level up movepool in the entire series. Just one move: Teleport. It can learn TMs, but we don't have any of those and it can only really learn Psychic and Normal moves. If I had some of those, then yeah, this Pokemon is amazing, I mean, have you seen those stats? Holy ... More

how to eat chicken with fork and spoon

Spoon half of the thickened marinade atop the chicken (reserve half as you will be flipping the chicken over!). Broil for five minutes. Flip the chicken over and distribute the remaining marinade atop the chicken. ... More

how to add a device to your gmail account

21/12/2018 · After adding your Gmail account, it will fetch your recent 200 messages, and allow you to search your entire Gmail archive (including attachments). … ... More

how to change a dsv to a sav

23/08/2013 · I decided the best way to proceed was to delete the time table in the dsv. I deleted it, then recreated it as a named query in the DSV. Since i deleted it, in my case some of the time cube dimension attributes were invalidated. ... More

huniecam studio how to add toa girls inventory

It's a big week for everyone's favorite pocket monsters as both Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! hit shelves and the trailer for Detective Pikachu lit the internet aflame. ... More

how to clean transparent phone case

No matter which method is used to clean the silicone case, remember to never clean the case while it is still on the smartphone, and let it dry completely before placing it back on. To prevent damage, never use water or cleaning agents around a phone. If cleaning in a dishwasher, avoid using a high heat setting with the silicone. To speed drying times, a hair dryeer on a low setting is often ... More

how to change design differnce color to circles in d3

Web Platform Consulting Services We can create charts quickly when working with D3.js and standard DOM elements, but that comes with a key limitation: the number of ... More

how to clean cast stainless steel

Stainless steel is dishwasher-safe, but if you wash it by hand, dry it promptly to prevent water spots. Letting a pot boil over high heat for a long period of time will discolor stainless steel. Storing the cookware stacked with other pots and pans may cause surface scratches. ... More

how to buy and sell things for a living

Can you really start a profitable eBay business with less than £50? Yes, you can and in today’s blog post I’ll guide you through the exact system you can use to create a … ... More

how to download overwatch quick

I🔥I overwatch vpn iPhone VPN download overwatch vpn Mac VPN download ★★★(Secure VPN🔥)★★★ how to overwatch vpn for Good team and quick service. Mr Shavji, enquiry at Sutton; Customer service was really good the 1 last update 2018/12/28 last update staff gave me some good advice about my car and what I should do with it. Came out with a overwatch vpn good overwatch … ... More

how to clear whiteheads on nose

Whiteheads on Nose. A common skin problem, whiteheads on nose mostly affect those with oily skin types. Below is all you need to know about blackheads on and inside the nose. ... More

how to cut down triglycerides

Cut back on saturated and trans fats in your diet. These bad fats elevate your triglycerides, as well as your low-density lipoprotein, the harmful cholesterol known to clog arteries. ... More

how to draw a graffiti t

The How To Draw A Graffiti A could become your choice when developing about Graffiti Drawings. After posting this How To Draw A Graffiti A, our team can guarantee to aspire you. For this moment we show you some images of How To Draw A Graffiti A, and each of them will give you some new ideas. ... More

how to eat fried worms video online

Watch How To Eat Fried Worms online at CafeMovie. How To Eat Fried Worms 2006 free streaming. The Forrester family - father Mitch Forrester, mother Helen Forrester, their pre-teen son Billy Forrester and their pre-school son Woody Forrester - have just moved to a new town where Mitch is starting a new job. Both Mitch and Billy are worried about ... More

how to become a navy seal

13/01/2013 · Becoming a seal is biologically impossible. Becoming a SEAL is possible if you renounce your Canadian citizenship, then get an American citizenship. ... More

how to call from one number and it shows another

Call One is a unique, full service technology/telecommunications company for mid-market firms, located in Chicago, IL. Working with over 60 leading carriers, we consolidate and unify your voice, data and mobile communications - giving you more time and energy to focus on your core business. ... More

how to build a keg pot belly

How to Build a Beer Keg Still. To make a still, you need to be able to heat fermented To make a still, you need to be able to heat fermented corn mash to its boiling point of 172 degrees F but not to 212 degrees F, which ... More

how to download itunes on chromebook

After that search for “iTunes Remote“ and install the app on your chromebook. If your Chromebook is not compatible you can download the Play store apk and installing it manually, After that you can follow the steps mentioned above to find the “iTunes Remote“ app and install it on your device. ... More

how to cut carbs safely

How To Lose Weight Safely And Healthy Hyper Blaze Fat Burner Reviews Intense Fat Burning Ab Workouts For Women how.to.cut.back.on.carbs.to.lose.weight At Home Cardio Workout To Burn Fat And Tone Fat Burner On Treadmill That does not you for you to reduce whatever you eat. ... More

how to cook scouse in a slow cooker

30/03/2006 · My husbands family come from Liverpool and this recipe is an amalgamation of the Scouse recipes belonging to his Nana, his mum, and his dad. Since Ive been using the slow cooker, it has achieved the ultimate accolade; its as good as Nanas. It is traditionally made with the scrag end but I tend to go for lean stir-fry lamb instead. It is ... More

how to change whatsapp to not save photos

Slide Save Incoming Media to the "On" (right) position. It will turn green. Now any pictures or videos people send to you in WhatsApp will automatically download to your camera roll. ... More

how to build fairy garden furniture

Find more aboutfairy furniture Archives The Magic Onions. you can find more related DIY fairy furniture simple I made these myself fairyhouse , Making Fairy Garden Furniture josaelcom Twig Chair Tutorial , Make a Fairy Garden from the furniture to the fairies Making Fairy Garden Furniture josaelcom , Making Fairy Garden Furniture josaelcom How ... More

how to change name of device

Issue / Question. The default name of the Zebra Android devices are similar to Android Consumer device names. Network Administrators may want to change this to be better identifiable. ... More

how to cut acrylic sheet with knife

Acrylic sheet up to 3/16" (4.5 mm) thick may be cut by a method similar to that used for cutting window glass. Use a scriber of some kind, a scribing knife, a metal scriber, an awl, or even a sturdy craft knife-to score the sheet. ... More

how to cook stir fry children

I have included one of my favorite vegetable stir fry recipes below, but I didnt want to just give you the recipe without also providing some general stir-fry guidelines. The following 10 tips on how to make a vegetable stir fry should help you feel confident when standing behind your wokeven without a recipe. ... More

how to become an organizational development consultant

Erica Nelson is a managing consultant at Nelson Performance Development LLC, which specializes in learning and development and consulting practice. Erica is a trainer, consultant, author, and mediator, who works with professionals in a variety of industries in organization development. Erica has 25 years of professional experience in training, management development, team collaboration ... More

how to delete whatsapp backup data iphone

To avoid potential data costs, disable the Use Cellular Data for iCloud backup option and connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network to backup or restore your WhatsApp documents and data. Step 2. Open Settings in WhatsApp ... More

how to download all loops in garageband

Purchased loops will be permanently accessible from the GarageBand loop browser. 100% of the proceeds will go to (RED)s fight against AIDS. All (RED) monies go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. ... More

how to add bonfire bot to discord

Bonfire is designed to have a multitude of commands, tools for fun, moderating, utilities, etc. Some, but not nearly all, of the commands include: Some, but not … ... More

how to draw disney noses

tagged: drawing cartoon eyes nose and mouth, how to draw anime eyes nose and mouth Download: Smartphone Medium Size Full Size Back To Drawing Cartoon Eyes Nose And Mouth ... More

how to cook beef fillet steak nz

Cook the second side until juice has pooled and the steak feels firm when pressed. A medium-rare steak will take about 3 minutes each side; a medium steak about 4 minutes each side; a well-done steak about 5-6 minutes each side. ... More

how to choose a chiminea

How do you choose the how to use a clay chiminea #5 Wikipedia that is best? The position of the kitchen desk can assist the features of the home kitchen, once we recognize. This table's lifetime is not simply beneficial as a direct effect to the design of the kitchen made, but also a mix of food. how to use a clay chiminea #5 Wikipedia. ... More

how to ensure you get your cut of a payment

20/06/2018 You should be prepared to provide the amount given, when you received the last payment, the amount owed, any payment arrangements you are willing to accept, contact information for you, and a clear due date. ... More

how to stop throbbing pain from a cut

Sharp, throbbing, shooting or constant pain is the first sign of upcoming toothache. If not treated the tooth will eventually be extracted. If not treated the tooth will eventually be extracted. The severity of a toothache can range from chronic, mild to sharp, and excruciating. ... More

how to become a stralian privit recrutment agent act

Teacher employment in all Australian states and territories. Special, full-time and casual or relief employment, conditions of employment and Teaching Institutes. Special, full-time and casual or relief employment, conditions of employment and Teaching Institutes. ... More

how to add a texture pack to minecraft 1.8.8

Faithful 32×32 is the most popular resource pack for Minecraft, that is available at 32x resolution. The developer of this great Resource Pack is Vattic and due to the popularity of this resource HiTeeN converted this Fiathful 32×32 into 64×64 for those players who want more graphic details and want more colors into their Minecraft. ... More

how to change facebook display name

2 Put My Company on Facebook; 3 Change a Facebook Name to a Nickname; 4 Transferring a Facebook User Name to a Page Name; The “Information” section on your Facebook … ... More

how to increase c drive space

How to increase C Drive space. Hello friends, Today I’m gonna to share an important tips to you. I think this post will help you to solve your problem. ... More

how to change external hard drive to fat32

9/06/2017 · I am using an external hard drive formated with fat32. I don't want to buy another drive for back up my data as the fat32 does not support file larger than 4GB. How can I convert drive from fat32 to I don't want to buy another drive for back up my data … ... More

how to change bowling action

Side on off break bowling: Well side on is a kind of bowling action where the bowler will try to allow his body to open towards the square region with the hips facing towards the mid wicket region and also the back leg facing the square region. ... More

how to catch a ferret in dungeoneering

Boost your Dungeoneering looks and prowess with 4 outfits (that combine into one awesome outfit) - all themed after the floors of Daemonheim. Pick up the pieces from 12th October at 00:00 UTC until 17th October at 23:59 UTC in Treasure Hunter. ... More

how to buy led strip lights

SYNC TO MUSIC: Led strip lights sync to the beats of the music, the color and the mode change with the rhythm and melody,especially the circular mode with multi color just like the led lights chas... ... More

how to cook costco frozen lobster tails

Theyve got loads of lobster tails and crab on hand if youre planning to cook a special dinner for a special someone on Valentines Day. Wild Cold Water Lobster Tail (previously frozen) ... More

how to become a product spokesperson

Get Paid to Promote Your Book or Blog: How to Become a Freelance Media Spokesperson Audio Program. Did you know that consumer products companies often pay authors and bloggers thousands of dollars to do media interviews for them? ... More

how to catch trout australia

Favourite fishing lures are a very personal choice for everyone, and generally most peoples favourite lures have caught them lots of fish in the past. ... More

how to cook that ann reardon pavlova

I made lemon meringue pie , everything went good , when I cooked it though, it took about ten minutes to brown, I took it out tasted it but the egg whites were watery so I put it in for 2 more minutes, it immediately turned a brown lasagne typed colour, it tasted good but it looked horrific ... More

how to become sober again

People have asked me throughout my recovery: What is the percentage of alcoholics who stay sober? It is a tricky question because the person asking it is usually basing it on at least one assumption. ... More

how to cut a rump into steaks

Tucking into a perfectly cooked steak is a treat that is easy to perfect from your own home kitchen. Whether cooking on the barbecue or in a pan, follow these simple steps and you'll never get it wrong again. Choose the right cut. Regardless of your budget, there are several fantastic cuts of steak available. Here are some of the most common: T-bone steak. This is the quintessential BBQ steak ... More

how to offer professional call backs businesses

30/05/2017 Have a standard, professional greeting. Rather than just saying "hello" or immediately starting on your pitch, start your call by greeting the recipient professionally. Use the recipients name in your greeting, trying to remain as formal as possible. ... More

how to create desire for a product

Instead, startups manufacture desire by guiding users through a series of experiences designed to create habits. I call these experiences “Hooks,” and the more often users run through them ... More

how to clear browsing history on android phone

Most people clear their browser history on their computers from time to time. It saves some amount of space on the hard disk but more importantly deletes your browsing history so that no one can know what you have been surfing on internet. ... More

how to achieve work life balance ppt

To enjoy the life balance we desire, we need to break this cycle and create some space in our life. Without periods of space, silencedoing nothing (argggghhhh!), we can never truly know what it is that we most desire, what it is that will bring us the balance & fulfillment we crave. ... More

how to detect bacterial contamination in cell culture

cell culture; 2. the ways to prevent mycoplasma contamination in cell culture; 3. the im- portance of mycoplasma tests in cell culture; 4. different methods to identify mycoplasma contamination; 5. the consequences of mycoplasma contamination in cell culture and 6. ... More

how to draw the most beautiful dress

Stuff To Draw Things To Draw Christina Lorre Drawings Beautiful Drawings Cute Drawings Pencil Drawings Multicolored Hair Pink Hair Girl Sketch Forward Pencil PortraPencil Portraitsits Resultado de imagen para Christina Lorre rihanna - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits.Let Me Show You How You Too Can Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits With My Truly Step-by-Step Guide. ... More

how to add stattools in excel

StatTools is one of the major statistical analysis tools that help in deriving accurate result from different statistical analyses like forecasting, regression, quality control charts, etc. Along with these statistical procedures StatTools addresses the accuracy of Excel’s statistical output also. ... More

how to find hard drive in pc

if it doesn't show up in bios, then a) power cable is bad, test with another known working drive b) sata cable is bad, test with another known working drive c) sata port is disabled in BIOS or set ... More

how to become an artist on itunes

TuneCore does not have a product that is EP specific, but some albums released through TuneCore will be classified as EPs in iTunes and Spotify. In iTunes In order for a release to be considered an EP, it must meet one of the following two requirements: ... More

how to add images in sony vegas pro 13

sony vegas pro 13 and be able to use the program without any restrictions. The method to activate the program is easy and safe, you do not have to worry about having a serial sony vegas pro 13 The method to activate the program is easy and safe, you do not have to worry about having a serial sony vegas pro 13 ... More

how to download videos from dji go 4 android app

4/12/2016 A brief video guide on how to download the brand new DJI GO 4 App on iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. Many customers around the world reported that they received their DJI Phantom 4 Pro ... More

how to buy stock in moneybhai

One of the best-proven ways to profit from stock investing is to buy growth stocks. There's risk, of course, since growth stocks can be more volatile than bigger, more stable companies. ... More

how to change video background

I've got the following website: beta.leifsigersen.com. There's a movie on the front page which sometimes takes a little while to load (sometimes less than a second, sometimes a few seconds). ... More

how to change bmx sprocket

I have the EighthInch Freestyle Splined Crankset. These are very similar to profile bmx cranksets. I purchased a larger sprocket to use with the crankset. I've used a crank puller to remove the dr... ... More

my passport portable hard drive how to use

The my passport portable hard drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love. Available in an array of vibrant, fun colors, the sleek style fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, so you can easily take your treasured content everywhere you go. ... More

how to clean fridge freezer coils

If coils have a filmy build-up, use warm soapy water to clean them. Take care not to spill or drip water onto the components of the freezer. Take care not to spill or drip water onto the components of the freezer. ... More

how to choose fonts to use on image

The key to using one font effectively in your images is to use different capitalization, thickness, sizes and spacing for the different lines of text. One way to do that without the need for manipulating text is to use a large font family for your font selections. ... More

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how to buy builders club with robux

If you have Builders Club, you will receive a certain number of Robux every day for free, and you can earn additional Robux by selling cloths and limited edition hats.

how to delete your woozworld account

email woozworld@support.com email them that you want to delete the account, they will email back and ask if that's the real account you want to delete you say yes, they delete it, its a 2-3 day thing.

how to cook the perfect burger in a pan

Cut, preparation, cooking method, duration of cooking and serving are all up for debate. Everyone has their own favourite method - some swear by oiling the steak not the pan, others rely on a

how to add a favicon tumblr

A favicon is an icon associated with a website, that can be displayed on a browser tab, in the address bar, for bookmarks (favorites) and (desktop) shortcuts.

how to change loot type

change the 1.0 to 5.0 and click save In your server if you have admin rights click F1 and type Loot.reload This will update your loot. Although this seems to be a quick step for beefed up gatherable loot. you can go back into that same file and increase individual values of items such as Detcaps and what nots. Experiment but dont go crazy, you can really mess up the item economy. even lag out

how to setup a free conference call line

Now when you call the conference room number you should hear the whole prompt. It has something to do with the VoIP line taking too long to get set up and the statements we added forces it up faster.

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England: Bognor Regis ENG, Swindon ENG, Newcastle upon Tyne ENG, Liverpool ENG, Wigan ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 9A3

Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 4H8

Scotland: Dundee SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Dundee SCO, Livingston SCO, Dunfermline SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 1B3

Wales: Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 7D4